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Love Death and Hate Your Foe free novella

Sword of Apollo, the final book in my Warrior Trilogy, hits the stores in hardcover on December 8th (from Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press). It’s the epic story of a young Olympic hopeful who is desperately trying to save his wife, family and city-state from genocidal invaders. It’s set in the 5th century BCE, on the eve of the great Peloponnesian War: the 30-year-long conflict waged between Athens and Sparta.

Check out the trilogy page on Amazon. If you love TV shows like Vikings, The Last Kingdom, or even Game of Thrones, you’ll be a fan of my series. For all of you hardcore readers out there, I’m giving away the prequel novella. Enjoy! Love Death and Hate Your Foe free novella

About the novella:

“Love death and hate your foe” is a saying coined by a Spartan warrior/poet named Tyrtaeus who lived in the 7th century B.C.  It perfectly encapsulates the ethos of the ancient Greek warriors. The idea of dishonor was much more horrible to them than the notion of dying. And thus they were taught to hate the enemy more than they loved their own lives. Only then could they protect their homes and city-states and win honor.

My novella Love Death and Hate Your Foe takes place 50 years before my series: the Warrior Trilogy. In my books, one of the heroes is an old man named Menesarkus. He’s a famous warrior, general and Olympic champion. He’s also a farmer who will stop at nothing to protect his family and city-state from invasion by the “Barbarian” Persians.

In this tale we get to see Menesarkus as a young man facing death against the seemingly overwhelming might of the Persian invaders. It’s set at the Battle of Plataea: one of the greatest battles in the history of the world, on a day that forever changed the course of western history, and gave rise to the Golden Age of Greece.

Download the free PDF here. Love Death and Hate Your Foe free novella

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