Got My Copies of ΟΙ ΓΙΟΙ ΤΟΥ ΔΙA (Sons of Zeus)!


My Greek publisher, Psichogios, sent me two copies of the translated version of Sons of Zeus. They got here today and I was blown away by what I saw when I tore open the package. This edition is stunning! In Europe they don’t publish many hardcovers. They mostly print what’s called a “brochure” style: it’s a paperback, but both ends of the cover fold over just like the dust jacket of a hardback.

Sons_cover 2They also did this really cool thing with drop caps to start all of the chapters. It looks great and shows the effort by the publisher to make a really awesome book.


The Greek edition also includes the map from the US version (with place names in Greek). And the cover image of the hoplite is embossed, which makes it stand out on a shelf. I look forward to hearing what readers in Greece think about my book!

Greek version_Sons

Order Sons of Zeus now:

In the US: hardback, ebook, audiobook via Amazon (in English)

The Greek translation (eBook) on iTunes (in the US)

In Greece



  1. Achilleas says:

    Dear Mr Smith
    I just finished reading your book Sons of Zeus, in it’s Greek translation. I loved it. It is a great book, with lots of adventure, drama and emotions ! Personally I am a fan of history based novels especially the ones which refer to Greek mythology.
    I will be waiting for the second book of the Trilogy, make sure the Greek version comes out fast !!
    I believe the Spartan on the cover of the Sons of Zeus (Greek version) is not representing well the hero of this book .
    Thanks for your attention

    • admin says:

      Hi Achilleas! Thank you so much for your comment about my book. It makes me so happy to hear that a Greek reader loved my story. I was in Greece last summer and had such an amazing trip and went back to the real Plataea. I don’t know yet if Psichogios is going to publish book 2 (I just finished the final version last month and it will be published here in the US this June). I’m also nearly done with the first draft of book 3.

      Yes, the warrior on the cover is not what I would have chosen, but authors never get to have any input on covers! But I thought Psichogios did a great job with the book design and people tell me that the translation is very good.

      Thank you so much for posting that comment on my site. And please take the time (if you would do me the honor) of posting your comment in Greek on the Psichogios page for my book.

      My very best regards,


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